WEBSITE MAINTENANCE SERVICES – The more traffic you lose, the more money you leaving on the table – Don’t let that happen. You can’t close your business when your site is down…


This is critical for every website out there, your website is your business and it needs to be updated and maintained for the best performance possible. The tools and technologies used to design and develop websites change over time. This happens because new features are added often, on-site errors and other bugs are fixed – and web security protocols are patched. This is the case of a website that has been unmaintained for months or years.

And guess what – it leads to reduced web performance, errors such as the 404 error and other technical bugs that break your core technology. Afrikmarketing tech team offers exclusive web maintenance services issues of performance, optimization or outdated or broken plug-ins and/or sources, then fix the problem and make sure your site is well optimized to the latest search algorithm.

During Our Website Maintenance Work, We Do

  • Error Analysis
  • Technical Support Afrikmarketing - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE SERVICES
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Update Outdated Code