Website Development – Afrikmarketing Concept Building

Website Development - Afrikmarketing Concept Building

We make sure that the modern web development technique matches the personalization with the responsive standards for fast and clean code. At Afrikmarketing, our experts in web developing use the latest technological tools including CSS, HTML5, jQuery and modern responsive development principles to build an outstanding website for your business.

We have a skilled team of web developers with very long experience of composing high-end web software, web applications and web portal development powered by solid web solutions and fully tailored to your specific industry needs.
Afrikmarketing’s web developers have proudly developed tons of web projects for industries such as eCommerce, Job Board, e-Learning and more.

All experts at Afrikmarketing know that more than 75% of consumers visit a company’s site before making a purchase. When these consumers visit your site, they then make decisions based on their online experience which include: site appearance, usability and accessibility, especially in a competitive market. The good news is that our developers got this, so you have nothing to worry about.

We build websites of different natures

Business management tools

Inclusive: CRM software, project management software, time tracking system, HR management and business analytic automation tools.
Real estate 

We develop sites powered with tools for landlords, home buyers as well as for tenants. Additionally, our tech team is also capable of adding tools for agents and brokers. MLS data integration and marketing tools.
Education management 

We can develop your education site with learning and testing automation tools, textbooks system, student assessment and database.
Healthcare portal 

HIPAA-compliant systems for hospital ambulance, home care system, skilled nursing facilities and more.
E-commerce development 

Get a powerful online marketplace site, group buying websites. We also add Payment gateway and billing systems, multi-currency payment and accounting and business reporting tools.
Marketing and advertising 

We integrate marketing automation tools, classified ads, and affiliate systems.

What we are good at: 


  1. WordPress Website Development Website Development - Afrikmarketing Concept Building
  2. Shopify Website Development 
  3. CakePHP Development 
  4. Magento Platform Development
  5. Drupal Website Development 
  6. WooCommerce Web Development