Afrikmarketing remarketing

We provide a very powerful remarketing strategy to businesses so they can get back in front of targeted visitors who visited their sites but did not convert. This strategy includes visitors who abandoned shopping carts, booking system, electronic applications or contact forms.

We do this by done by using cookie-generated data to find out where your previous site visitor stopped. In this case, we build a perfect remarketing plan that impresses and reminds users that they showed interest in your of the products or services but forgot to complete the action.

Branding & Discounts Offers

Our interactive advertising experts analyze your website goals and calls to action and use the right remarketing campaign help user finalize their abandoned purchase. As the re-marketing ads work, we will also analyze and optimize your campaign’s performance so it can drive the best traffic that creates conversions.

What Type Of Remarketing We Do?

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Adroll
  3. ReTargeter
  4. Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audiences
  5. SiteScout
  6. Twitter