Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses – SEO Company in Ho Chi Minh

Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses - SEO Company in Ho Chi Minh

Boss, I am telling you… Local SEO is super important. That’s why we got on the first page of Google search for ” HCM City Internet Marketing Agency”. No magic, it is all about doing the right keyword research. 

Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses - SEO Company in Ho Chi Minh

In fact, Neil Patel revealed that 46% of product or service searches on Google are local.

This means that, if you have a business in your local area, tow or city – and do not have a proper Local SEO strategy in place, my friend you are living money on the table. People are searching for your products or services online everyday, if you are there – you will grab all the opportunities and get ahead of the competition. Studies also shows that – you city have up to 89% of people searching for a local business in your town on their smartphones at least once a week. And that’s not all, 58% out of the 89% search every single day.

You don’t know what Local Ranking means? & don’t know any good Local SEO company in Ho Chi Minh? Please contact us – We are here to help people like you. 

If you want to do the best Local SEO technic for your business – You need to do this

#1 Do Your Home Work – Keyword Research

Let’s imagine you run a Car Repair Shop and it’s named after Fix My Car. Here are few technics you will clearly optimize your listing sites and business website to appear for searches like:

“car repair shop near me”;
“Fix my car”;
“Fix my car location”;
“How good is fix my car services?”;
“fix my car reviews”;
“what time does fix my car close?
(these are just some basic idea we are providing – just to guide you)

Here is another great example – let’s assume you still own Fix My Car shop and based in Ho Chi Minh- how do you think people will search for your product or services?

Of course they will search for something like:

“car repair shop in Ho Chi Minh”;
“best car repairman in Saigon”;
“car tire repair company”
This type of keywords work applies to Local SEO for local businesses. You use your targeted keyword and add the city, town on state your are targeting. 

When you follow Google or any search ranking raking rules, its algorithm automatically pulls your business information the business listings and present you to the searcher. 

#2 – Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps Listings

Please understand that Google My Business is one of the most important listing line on the internet. You should claim and optimize your Google My Business listing account – As well as Bing Places and Apple Maps listings.

Setting these business listing sources is not that difficult – and might cause nightmare if it’s not well optimized. You can follow the official instructions by Google, Bing and Apple or contact us to easily do it for your business. 

In fact, Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Bing listings are all free. You can do it by yourself, but agencies can do it better since it’s their work and they are good at optimization. So if you don’t really know how to do it, please contact to any Digital Marketing Agency in your area or city to help you with this issue. 

Example of Local SEO search result for – Car Repair Shop in Ho Chi Minh

#2 - Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps Listings

#3 – Local Citations (NAP) – Name – Address – Phone number

Citations actually triggers your business name, address, and phone number for a certain serch queries.

There are structured and unstructured citations – 

EG of structured citation:

Local Citations (NAP) - Name - Address - Phone number

Structured citations easily show the NAP in a very clean presentation. They are mostly created on business directories, social profiles and more…

Unstructured citations reveal themselves in a very strange way which is quite strange. You can find them in places such as blog posts, on news websites, magazine blogs, etc.

Local Citations (NAP) - Name - Address - Phone number

Importance Of NAP Citations!

According to experts, citation signals make it super easy for local business to rank online. It is one of the main ranking factors businesses should consider when doing Local SEO. 
Not only Google is used for business search purpose, people also search on platforms such as Facebook, directories, etc. So if you want to super easily rank on listing sites, please make sure that your business information is correctly put on these those sites. When you do, you will easily be rewarded by search engine in return of potential customers.

Consider these two steps for the best local SEO :

Make sure your business citations are correct and consistent.
keep on building impressive and relevant citations.

#4- On-Page SEO 

Some best practices of On-Page search optimization begin with optimizing your website:

  1. Put Keyword in H1 – Heading 1 
  2. Keyword in title tag – Title Paragraph
  3. Keyword in URL – SEO Final URL 
  4. Short and sweet URLs
  5. Enticing meta description 

Most importantly, fix your business site to Rank for Local Landing Pages. 

#5 – Publish new contents and get reviews 

Let’s take an example about Google My Business Listing –

You can post content on this list networks – and this will enable bots to easily show your products or services to people when they search for a certain type of keywords. But you should regularly:

Read and respond to customer reviews
Check and fix incorrect edits;
Post on GMB often to inform your customers about what’s going on