International SEO – What is it – How it works – What’s the benefit?

International SEO - Afrikmarketing

Applying International SEO is the process of “you” telling Search Engines that you want to rank in a specific country or location. In this phase, you optimize your website so that search engines can know the language and countries you want to target for your use for business.

Importance of going international?

First of all, this is the aspect you need to apply once you are ready to go international – or when you find out that a huge share of your business site visitors is coming from a different country than where you’re located. It is very important to make constant changes and create a better experience for your international visitors.

Talking about international SEO means refreshing your website for geotargeting. At Afrikmarketin, we make this process easy by technically optimizing your website to attract traffic from different countries and different languages.

Here is one of the steps we apply when it comes to internationalizing your website:

Go through your specific target country or region with a customized international-friendly URL structure created by our tech team. Then we will establish language your web pages are targeting by adding language tags for (language targeting) and finally create contents in your target users’ language(s). These are most elements that are needed for you to rank.

Check out this International SEO table which shows a combination of potential URL structures that we use for international website ranking purpose.

International SEO Afrikmarketing